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G-CRAC™ by Media Bros

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Granular Color Remediation Activated Carbon (G-CRAC™) is our favorite all-purpose, non-toxic, food-grade, ready-to-use, granular carbon for cannabis concentrates. G-CRAC™ is pH neutral and double activated, which offers excellent cannabis extract purification and color remediation for inline processors.

G-CRAC™ — our chunky CRAC™ cousin — is our inline granular fast flow carbon solution to eliminating environmental contaminants in your cannabis concentrate.

No matter the issue — smoke, pesticides, heavy metals — G-CRAC™ has you covered. It is ready to handle the most difficult environmental contaminants without sacrificing terpenes, cannabinoids, or processing speed.

Available for pick up or delivery from:
1457 W Southern Ave Unit A3
Mesa, AZ 85202
Please call to arrange:
(602) 855-0710